Industrial group Tehnologia performs the following works:
  • expert - technical diagnostics of industrial equipment

  • quality control of base metal and welded joints during the manufacturing and mounting

  • evaluation of technical state of equipment, buildings, structures, utilities

  • inspection, examination and pasportization of equipment of metallurgical, petrochemical, and gas industries

permissions and licenses

Authorization of the GosGorPromNadzor of Ukraine №760.11.30 - 74.30 from 25.02.2011.

License of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine AB №516787 from 27.04.2010.

our staff

NDT  experts of second level on the basic methods of nondestructive testing :

visual test (VT)

ultrasonic test (UT)

penetrant test (PT)

radiographic test (RT)

magnetic test (MT)

experts of heating and power equipment

experts in the structures of buildings and engineering systems

experts in the field of chemistry, petrochemistry

experts on labor protection and industrial safety