technical base

Industrial group TEHNOLOGIA has a park of modern measuring equipment for technical diagnostics, mobile diagnostic laboratory, based on the vehicles "ZAZ - DAEWOO» «2109», «TOYOTA CAMRY», office buildings - 118m2, industrial site, including  storage premises and repair shops - 216m2.

hardware base
  • ultrasonic flaw detectors - scanners UD4T

               -with ability of formation B, D - scans

               -with ability of eddy current testing

               -with built-in function of technical endoscope (VTM-079.01).

  • Ultrasonic thickness gauges - «DAKOTA MVX» (USA), UT-98 "SCAT», SIUI - CTS-30A
  • dynamic hardness-measuring gauges TD-32 and TD 42M
  • kits for magnetic particle testing - MAGEKS 1M
  • penetrant testing kits: «MR» (Germany) standard EN ISO 4452-2
  • UV source OPTIMAX-450 for scintillation tests in penetrant NDT
  • compact X-ray sources for NDT Arina-2, Arina-3, Mira-2D with battery sets for standalone operation in field conditions
  • laboratory and a developing equipment - X-ray viewer, densitometer,    laboratory lights, the developing and dry kilns
  • kits for evaluation of tightness of storage equipment: correlation leak    detector «MICRO CALL», bore gauge, vacuum chamber, air compressor,  portable diesel generator
  • equipment for hydraulic tests - manual high-pressure pump  with registering manometer
  • low-frequency ultrasonic flaw detector «MONOLIT A1220" with the formation of A, B, D-scans for thickness measurement and inspection of structures made of concrete, with the unique ability to scan with one-way access, allowing to carry out inspection of objects-in-use, buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.
  • field surveying equipment: level, theodolite, laser range finder

recording equipment
  • the automated information-measuring system "Monitoring" with a set of universal inductive sensors for registering microdisplacements and deflection angles  of building structures for examination of buildings and structure

auxiliary equipment
  • portable, standalone digital and computer equipment: laptops, portable printers, scanners, photo and video cameras, set of radio stations  for operational work in the field, heat generators, set of equipment for working at height

  • licensed software "EXPERT-1" for the evaluation and forecast the consequences of industrial accidents such as the "explosion" - "fire" - "release of toxic substances" on explosive or potentially dangerous equipment
  • licensed software "Passat" to calculate the stress states of pipelines and tank, reservoirs and other storage equipment;