about our company

"Industrial group Tehnologia" LLC  was registered in 2003 as a result of the reorganization of expert technical center. Our company has eighteen years experience in expert diagnostics and examination of engineering structures

fields of activity

Industrial group TEHNOLOGIA  performs the following works:

inspection, supervision and monitoring of objects with the help of UAVs, equipped with sensitive, multispectral cameras for a variety of engineering problems

expert assessment of technical state and examination of building constructions, structures and engineering systems of main and auxiliary industrial equipment, that is under supervision of state authorities on safety exploitation

support of industrial construction in NDT of welded joints of heavy equipment and  metal structures

organization of NDT of metal and welded joints of manufactured products at all stages, starting with the input control of rolled or casting, ending the confirmation of the compliance of the finished product to customer's requirements

expert-technical diagnostics of tanks, pressure vessels, steam and hot water boilers, industrial pipelines, gas pipelines and so on.

certification (passportization) of industrial equipment of metallurgical, energetic, chemical, petrochemical industries

organization of scientific support for industrial construction with the monitoring systems of state of building structures

preparation of documents and assistance in the examination of enterprises for permission to perform hazardous work and  to exploit the hazardous equipment of increased risk