implemented projects

Industrial group TEHNOLOGIA, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents (DBN V.1.2-5: 2007. Naukovo-tehnіchny suprovіd budіvelnih ob'єktіv), is ready to offer a high level of scientific and technical support for industrial construction with the use of the hardware of monitoring of the state and stability of building structures throughout the entire cycle of construction and installation works.

Automatic information-measuring system "MONITORING" has shown excellent informativity in the object of "Reconstruction of sinter machine №1 of sinter department of "Zaporizhstal".


Scientific-technical support of construction process on the sinter machine №1 reconstruction of sinter department.

Expert assessment of technical state of individual concrete structures of bunker trestle at complex reconstruction with the condition of dewatering on the problematical geological object of extension of skip pit. Monitoring of the state of the structures

The complicated problematics of the object was caused by the simultaneous dismantling and disassembling of the frame supporting structures of the industrial building at different altitude levels.

The developed program of scientific and technical support involved the installation of a system of universal inductive sensors with remote interface. Regularly analysis of received data about the angles of heel and displacement of the control points allowed to monitor the condition of the frame as a whole and, if necessary, to change the sequence of dismantling work.

While performing mounting works at another construction site of "Zaporizhstal"JSC ("Reconstruction of bunker trestle with expansion of skip pit in the frame of Overhaul of blast furnace #4"), the necessity of scientific support was caused by the geological problematics of the object in general with a high level of groundwater in particular.

The installed  monitoring system allowed to control the position of foundations with provision regular analysis of soil shrinkage and registration of the stability of temporary support structures before and during installation of permanent links over the skip pit and the foundation of sloping bridge .

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