implemented projects

Industrial group TEHNOLOGIA has extensive experience in maintenance of industrial construction with high-level NDT service  on industrial sites of Ukraine.

Execution of construction and installation works with application of welding technologies inevitably demands interaction of  mounting organization with certified laboratory of NDT.

1. Qualificational admission of welder is possible after sample's NDT, provided by certification procedure.

2. The primary quality inspection of welded joints is executed directly at the site before the pre-assembly would be transferred to the further mounting or when it had arrived from the pre-installation phase.

3. Regular operational NDT of welded joints proceeds also on the construction site to avoid unacceptable defects of welding technology.

4. Repeated quality test of welded joints is necessary after the repair of defective ones.

5. Issue of final conclusion about the quality of welded joints on the object is based only on the proper intermediate acceptable protocols of NDT.


  • Construction of hydrogen station EBNER (Germany)
  • Reconstruction of the oxygen-converter department with the construction of ASU-60 «AIR LIQUIDE» (France)
  • Reconstruction of thermal unit of the cold-rolled dept. №1
  • Overhaul Blast Furnace №2
  • Overhaul Blast Furnace №5
  • Installation of pulverized coal injection in Blast Furnace №2-5
  • Reconstruction of thermal power station №2. Reorganization of APRS to EMG.
  • Basic coal storage for PCI station         
  • Mounting of car dumper at the basic coal storage for PCI station
  • Refurbishment of Blast Furnace №4
  • Reconstruction of sintering machine №1


  • Reconstruction of the oxygen compressor dept with the construction of ASU-60 «AIR LIQUIDE» (France)


  • Construction of ASU LINDE (Germany)


  • NDT of welded joints on the installing of high pressure gas pipeline on the main gas input №2                

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